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Word Challenge


Word Challenge is a new type of word puzzle game. It mixes word search and crossword.You need to find missing letters on words, place them correctly and complete the crossword.If you like a word challenge, you'll love Word Challenge.
1.- There are 11 topics to choose from: - Animals - Countries - Cities - Food - Fruits & Vegetables - Famous People - Hollywood - Music - Sport - Brands - Dictionary
2.- Available in 13 languages:
- Danish- German - English - Spanish- Italian- French- Portuguese- Dutch - Norwegian - Polish - Finnish- Swedish - Turkish
3.- Difficulties: Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Insane
4.- Your score will be saved into Google Play Game Service and you will be able to compare your scores with other players.
If you can not finish the game, do not worry, when you get back, you can choose to start a new game or continue the game as you left it.